Teesside Park


Client: British Land
Location: Stockton on Tees
Contractor: Various
Architect: Various
M&E: Various

BGP has worked on the shopping park since its inception in 1988. Involved in its original construction, we have worked on refurbishments, extensions, divisions and new build ever since. Most recently, the park owners came up with a proposal to modernise the park to give a more open look and bring it in line with other new retail outlets around the country. To achieve this, the goal was to replace the existing cladding with a full height glazed fa├žade. The car parking layout has undergone an overhaul making access much easier whilst introducing public realm and seating areas. The latest new build on the site is the management suite. The purpose of this was to provide modern facilities for the public, giving park management easier control of the site and also to allow for easier interaction between the public and park management.

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